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We LOVE guest bloggers! If you’re interested in guest blogging with us, please contact us at to arrange a date.

~To guest blog, send a Word or RTF document with your blog post, book blurb, and a sexy excerpt (X-rated is fine.) Also include all your links in this document. In the document, please note where you’d like your pictures inserted.

~Attach your book cover(s) and any pictures for your blog post as separate files in the e-mail (please do not cut-n-paste them into your Word document.) You’re welcome to include a headshot, if you’d like.

~Be sure to have these to us at least two days before your guest blog date.

~Reader participation increases greatly if you offer a giveaway. A free e-book, a bookmark, inexpensive jewelry, or chocolate are very much appreciated by our readers.


1 Cristal Ryder
2 Paige Tyler
3 Guest Blogger
4 Em Petrova
5 Randi Alexander
6 Jasmine Haynes
7 Cassandre Dayne
8 Lori King
9 Mia Downing
10 Lynn Chantale
11 Guest Blogger
12 Lucy Felthouse
13 Guest Blogger
14 Natasha Moore
15 Guest Blogger
16 Saranna DeWylde
17 Paige Tyler
18 Guest Blogger
19 Em Petrova
20 Randi Alexander
21 Guest Blogger
22 Cassandre Dayne
23 Lori King
24 Jodi Redford
25 Lucy Felthouse
26 Anita Philmar
27 Guest Blogger
28 Natasha Moore
29 Lynn Chantale
30 Layna Pimentel
31 Sable Hunter

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