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Lynn Chantale resides in southeastern Michigan. Celebrating twenty plus years of marriage, she is determined to enjoy all that life has to offer. She has a mad affinity for milk chocolate, preferably Dove chocolate truffles or the caramel-filled squares (Godiva is acceptable), and plays the bass guitar when the Muse begs for a bit of distraction. She’s a multi-published author in ebooks and has recently stepped into the self-publishing world. So far both experiences have been rewarding.

A Little This and That

I tell ya, I’ve been busy. I forgot how much attention little people require and I haven’t sat down for any length of time. Ya know what? I’m lovin it! Do I miss my solitude and trying to find more than just writing to fill my days. yeah, but spending time with my nephew and my new “adopted” children has been a lot of fun.

We made a whole family.

The house comes alive with laughter and chatter. Don’t get me wrong teenagers do the same thing, but it’s not the same as having the patter of little feet and the so and so won’t let me watch cartoons or play the game or whatever the issue is at the moment. My nephew goes home in a couple of days and though I’m not the arts and craftsy type I tried for him. And I seem to be staying up later as well. Still get up at the same time in the morning, but ten eleven o’clock at night seems to be the norm for going to bed now.

Oh and I haven’t forgotten about the work stuff either. Breaking Delia’s Rules is now available at Sugar and Spice Press as well as Amazon. And I have a release date for Sex, Lies and Joysticks a sexy ménage from Loose Id. August 19, 2014. No cover yet, but as soon as I see it, I’ll post it on my Facebook page and everywhere else I can.

Did I say Breaking Delia’s Rules was out? If you haven’t read it check out and if you have read, buy a copy for a friend and let them know it’s a good. :-)

Until next time, Indulge Your Inner Desires.


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Feeling the Heat

This isn’t a complaint about the weather. Not after that horrific winter we had in Michigan. I honestly don’t mind the heat, but what makes it unbearable is the humidity. This is probably the first time in about eight years where we haven’t had central air or an AC unit. Lemme tell ya, staying cool has been a challenge.

As a kid I’d have run through the sprinklers or mom and dad woulda hosed us kids down on a day like this. I even remember taking a bubble bath in one of those kiddie pools. Since I’m older now, and no one wants to see me running through the sprinklers in my bathing suit, I stay indoors under the fan with lots of cold water.

I’m still learning my new city so I have no idea where a pool is or anything like that. Maybe I should start a water fight with the kids.  That’s a great way to beat the heat. Oh and cold showers. Yes. Cold showers are the best when humidity is high.

How do you beat the heat?


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Edits, Edits and More Edits

Oh my when it rains it pours. I received edits for Love’s Submission last week and have only worked my way through the first chapter and a half. Then last night I received edits for Sex, Lies and Joysticks. I glanced over the first chapter and the edits weren’t too bad, but there are several more chapters I haven’t looked at yet.

Don’t get me wrong, I actually like edits because of the end result. A better book. The process not so much. As a writer I’ve spent so much time crafting certain scenes and pouring my heart into it that when an editors asks for more, deeper point of view to give the story more emotion or perspective or whatever it’s lacking at the moment, it’s a challenge. If that editor asks to cut the scene *gasp sob* my whole world comes crashing down and it’s a valid reason and will make the story stronger, well I go ahead and hit that delete button.

Editing is always about digging deeper about finding just that little bit more that will allow readers to better connect with the characters. As I go through this first round of edits for Love’s Submission and  Sex, Lies and Joysticks I hope to add greater depth to them. Even if you’ve never experienced their exact situation maybe the emotions they go through will knit them closer in your heart.

Until next time, Indulge Your Inner Desires

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Sex, Lies and Joysticks Found a Home

This has been an interesting year for me. Even though things have gotten off to a slow start for me publishing wise, I’m okay with that. Well at least that’s what I tell myself. :-) I’ve had some lofty goals for this year as well, one being to write for a bigger publishing house. Don’t get me wrong, the house I’m with treat me very well and I have enjoyed working with them and will continue working with them. For me, it’s always been about moving up and pushing myself, to not get complacent.

I’m very excited to say that I subbed my menage, Sex, Lies and Joysticks to Loose Id and they accepted! I cried when I got the email because this is something I really wanted. This is another new beginning for me and the real work has just started. So while I work on the next story until edits arrive i’ll leave you with the working blurb for Sex, Lies and Joysticks.


For the first time in a long time, Randa Arnold is happy beyond measure.. She has the love of her husband, Linc and her paramour Matteo. After the fulfillment of a mutual sex fantasy and an unbelievable night of passion her world is turned upside down.

Lincoln never expected his wife to fall in love with another man, even though he knew that was a possibility. He loves his wife, but just can’t wrap his mind around her emotionally attached to someone else, so he does the only thing he can, he forces Matteo to leave.

Forcing Matteo to leave has some unexpected consequences. Randa is despondent, yet keeps a brave face. This only intensifies Linc’s sense of guilt. If that weren’t enough, someone is threatening his wife. His only chance at redemption and to get to the bottom of the threat is to bring Matteo back. Only one problem, the man can’t be found.

Until next time, Indulge Your Inner Desires.

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Inspiration on the Road

While I was traveling a bit ago I had lots of time to think. Sixteen hours in a vehicle will do that for ya. Anyway I had time to think about a couple of different plot lines and if that weren’t enough  a few of the old stories I have rattling around on my hard 20140510-084748.jpgdrive.

It wasn’t all work we did stop and see a few things. We stopped in St. Louis. A city I’ve always wanted to see and I wished we had more time. A visit to the Arch, a farmer’s market and one of the best barbecue places I’ve eaten at since last year.  So now that I have the proper inspiration I can go ahead and write those sexy stories while I’m waiti20140510-084905.jpgng to hear back from the publishers I subbed to..

In the meantime show mom how much you love her and don’t forget to Indulge Your Inner Desires.



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A Little This n That

Life will not let me sit still long enough to do much of anything except live. Of course this could be a bad thing if I were one of those rigid, inflexible persons who can’t roll with the punches, but I’m flexible. I’ve learned how to use iCloud and sync Pages. (That’s what I use on my Mac, I refuse to put Microsoft Word on my Mac) So while I’m on the go I write.

On my recent trip to Houston, I may have managed about 300 words, if that the entire time I was there, but I had so much fun. I got a change to meet long time crit partner and friend, Emma Lai along with a few other people. While I was there I got lots of ideas. A mystery comes to mind. Yep, a mystery with romantic elements. That’s rattling around in my head.

Oh and check this out. I was able to submit two stories to different publishers. One requested to read the full manuscript. Fingers crossed folks, I’m waiting to see if my menage has a home. :-)

And you know I gotta share the new cover for Breaking Delia’s Rules. It’s all shiny and pretty. I didn’t change the storyline, but added a little to the story. Delia is still sassy and Jace is as romantic as ever. Look for it in July from Sugar and Spice Press.

Until next time, Indulge Your Inner Desires


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Love’s Submission Cover Reveal

It’s so much fun getting pretties in my inbox. Actually I have two, but I’m sharing one today. I don’t have a release date yet, but the cover is super sexy.
Here’s the blurb for Love’s Submission.
From the moment BJ met Kalista he know she was the one for him, but too much alcohol and a bad decision left him on the outside looking in. He’ll do anything to make up for the pain he’s caused her. All he needs is a chance to prove he’s worthy of her trust and love again.
Hearts and trust were never meant to be broken and as much as Kalista wants to see BJ suffer, she can’t deny that the attraction and love is still there. Maybe giving him another chance wouldn’t be so bad, if she didn’t have someone else.

And the cover…


Until next time Indilge Your Inner Desires.

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All Things in Time

This year has been a slow start for me. While I’m awaiting edits on a couple of books, I’m working on a series and a menage as well as trying to finish up a couple of projects from last year.
I wanted to focus on my writing, really delve into characters and conflicts to give them more realism, to make the romances more passionate and embrace what I truly enjoy doing. So these romances may be a little edgier or grittier, or angrier, but they will be real.
Quality, not quantity. Of course I would love to put out a book a month, but I’d rather get a few that sell really well then to have several that do okay. (Ideally I want all to do phenomenal, but I’m grateful for what comes.)
So don’t worry. There will be more books from me soon. Just keep watching my page. I’m still around and still trying to take over the world.
Until next time, Indulge Your Inner Desire.

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Did You Know?

Happy Monday morning everyone! I love Monday. It’s a chance for a fresh start and a brand new outlook. this has been a busy weekend for me and today isn’t any better. Somehow I agreed to volunteer to make breakfast at my church for a group of pastors. No big, except I was also under the weather this past weekend so everything has been thorn off schedule. No worries I’m here now.

The biggest news I have is Breaking Delia’s Rules will be getting a facelift with a new publisher (Sugar and Spice Press) and some added content. Also Book 4 of The Love SmackDown series will be releasing this year as well.

In a totally unrelated random thought, it’s Women’s History Month. I wanted to know who the first woman romance writer was and all I could come up with was Jane Austen. She was a pioneer in the genre. A little closer to home would be Barbra Cartland,

Enjoy your Monday and don’t forget to Indulge Your Inner Romantic.

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Just a Touch

A few years ago I had the opportunity to attend a conference and ask readers what appealed to them about certain genres. One answer was because the characters were real and the plots contained elements that most contemporaries novels don’t, her example was disabilities. Talk about food for thought.

We’re not talking about characters who are flawed you know the ones, have trust, commitment or some other type of issue. I mean characters who suffer from depression, are in wheelchairs, use walkers, hearing aids or canes, but don’t let their physical challenges deter them from finding love.

One such story was created The Baker’s Touch. Penelope is a blind bakery owner who doesn’t let the fact she can’t see stop her from achieving what she wants in life and what she wants now is love. This story was also a chance to show readers a little of my world, what it’s like to be visually impaired in a seeing world.

The Baker’s Touch Blurb

Valentine’s is always a busy time of year for PB and J Bakery. With love fueling the need for sweet confections, there’s always room for romance. Even the anonymous gifts left for Penelope, by a secret admirer, are a welcome distraction from the chaos of chocolate and spongecake.

Penelope Bishop has an idea who’s sending the gifts, or at least she hopes it’s her sexy mystery man who stole a kiss on New Year’s Eve. The trouble is, she’s never seen him. Her only clues are dancing skills, a great pair of lips, and a sensual voice that haunts her dreams and every waking fantasy. All that pales when her assistant, Avery, inspires those same lustful thoughts.

Avery has loved Penelope from afar, but with her recent breakup, he doubts she’ll view him beyond the current role he has in her life…seeing eye person. He has one chance to woo a woman who defines her world through touch, scent, sound, and taste–think outside the dating box. When an old flame comes courting and makes Penelope an offer she just may accept, Avery has one last opportunity to make her his Valentine…he’ll have to bare all.


Penelope spun on her heel, stepped forward and met a solid wall of muscle. Heat burned her cheeks. On top of everything else, she couldn’t even storm out of the ball room without running into someone.

“Ready for that champagne?” her mystery man said close to her ear.

She swallowed. “You saw everything?”

He lifted her hand and placed her palm on his cheek. His head bobbed up and down, but there was more. His jaw was tight and a corner of his mouth drooped. Was he upset on her behalf? The thought pricked her feminine pride, but at the same time he’d witnessed a moment of humiliation.

She lowered her head.

“No, don’t do that. Keep your head up.”

Excitement buzzed around them and cheers rose. The crowd began counting down.

“He is absolutely not worth your time and he didn’t appreciate you.”

A tear slipped beneath her lashes.

“I want you to know one thing, Penelope.”

“Not fair. I don’t even know your name.”

He hooked an arm around her waist and drew her against his solid frame. “All you need to know is this.” And as the crowd screamed “one” his mouth met hers.

She stood frozen, lost in a kiss that melted her soul, stirred her desire and mended her heart. He coaxed her lips apart, his tongue darting along the seam. She curled her fingers in the lapels of his jacket as she opened for him, their tongues dueled for supremacy until she finally submitted.

Time stood still, the chorus of voices singing Auld Lang Syne faded as he cinched her tighter. His mouth never stopped moving on hers, becoming the very air she breathed. To stay in this stranger’s embrace would be just what she needed, but a dance and a kiss did not a relationship make. Still, she wanted the passion and acceptance he offered.

“Happy New Year,” he muttered against her lips.

“Same to you. What’s your name?”

He kissed her again. “I’m sorry. I have to go.”

Before she could protest, she was alone in the crowd. She touched her lips. If she didn’t do anything this year, she would at least find out who she just kissed.


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