Have Yourself a Naughty Little Christmas with this 8-Author Boxset

It’s that time of year again, and everyone is looking for a way to reduce that holiday stress. We have eight seasonally seductive books for you, and we hope they’ll go a long way toward making your season a happy one.

Watch below for a sexy excerpt!



A Naughty Little Christmas with New Subtitle 900x



Cowboy Jackpot Series, Book 1

Randi Alexander

Award Winning Novella. A lucky first kiss in front of a Las Vegas slot machine pays off big for bull rider Boone Hancock and college student Gigi Colberg-Staub.



The 19th Precinct, Book 1.5

Ann Bruce

It’s cold and snowing and dark when a vice cop meets the perfect woman for him, all the while bad men with guns are chasing after him.



Aliyah Burke

Recuperating in wintery Massachusetts, Heath Dixon gives cold-hating Kassia Green something much hotter to focus on. But can he keep her after Christmas? Like…forever?



Opal Carew

Given one chance to break the curse which has held Angelique in its grip for two hundred years, she is faced with a heart-rending decision. Can she sacrifice Nick’s happiness for her own freedom?



Jennifer Haymore writing as Dawn Halliday

In the wintery Highland mountains, Aileen and Niall unleash their forbidden passion. But Aileen is promised to another this Christmas, and the wicked Lowlander will stop at nothing to have her.



Yvette Hines

Even during the holidays a woman can have one reckless night that will change her life forever…especially when the man she was with is determined to prove they belong together.



Christin Lovell

After being apart from each other for a year, Libby and Tyler realize their feelings for one another are more than platonic. Are they willing to risk years of friendship on a chance at love?



Paige Tyler

Hayley Knowles has always fantasized about getting spanked by her husband, Conner. But how can she possibly ever get her husband to do it, especially since she’s too shy to tell him? This is the holiday season, though, so maybe Hayley might get exactly what she wants for Christmas!


USA Today Bestseller
Amazon Top 50 Bestseller
All Romance eBooks Bestseller

646 Pages – Less Than $.50 per Book! Find your copy here:

Sexy Excerpt from Cowboy Jackpot: Christmas: His tongue swirled and flicked, his teeth grazed and nipped.

Gieselle grabbed his shoulders to keep herself from sailing out of her body.

Boone licked widening circles around her breast and slid across to the other, licking along the base then narrowing until her came to her areola.

His slow loving eased her race toward climax but jittered hot spikes that wet her pussy lips.

When he took her nipple deep into his mouth, the corresponding tug burned at her slit. She held her breath while he teased and pleased her, heating her until she felt a sheen of sweat on her forehead.

Releasing her nipple, he kissed a trail to her ribs then dipped his tongue into each indentation, moving lower, slowly and painfully teasing. His tongue darted into her belly button.

She lifted her head and watched as he swirled it around, the decadence making her hips jerk.

His eyes shifted and caught her gaze. With a wicked smile, he kissed his way down to the edge of her see-through panties. “I can smell you, sweet and musky, honey and spices.” His tongue snuck under the elastic.

“Please, Boone. Oh, God. I can’t wait.” Her thighs shook, needing his lips, his tongue, working magic between them.

“Baby.” He kissed her through the fabric, inching lower, slow, open-mouthed kisses that promised everything, hot and lovely all the way down her mound and along her pussy.

The barrier of the fabric made her hungry for the touch of his lips on her bare flesh. She flattened on the bed and grabbed the quilt. “Boone. You’re teasing me.”

“Damn right I am, woman.” His tongue licked hot and hard along the edge of her panties where they met her inner thighs.

She moaned.

He chuckled, but promised relief from her suffering when he slid off her panties.

Opening one eye, she saw him toss the panties onto his cowboy hat. Was he planning to keep them? When he parted her thighs, all concern over her wardrobe ended.

“Your pretty pussy, Gigi. All shaven clean for me.” He blew on her lips. “Pink and wet. Mmm, your juices are shining, luring me in for a taste.”

“Yes, take it.”

“Slow down, baby. Make this last.” He kissed and nibbled his way down her tender inner thigh.

Her body shimmied with desire.

He licked behind her knee, then trailed his lips to her feet.

“You’ve got toes that make me want to spend hours on them.”

She rolled her head from side to side. “We don’t have hours, Boone.”

He laughed. “Your toenail polish matches your panties and bra.” Taking her big toe into his mouth, he tickled it with his tongue and scraped his teeth along the bottom.

“Do they?” With his mouth on her that way, she couldn’t remember what color they were painted. Or what color her bra was. Nothing filled her head except the pleasure Boone created. Like a string of tracer lights, tingles coursed from her foot to her core. “Oh, yeah. That’s lovely.”

He treated each of her toes to the same attention then switched to her other foot. “Sexy feet.”

“You like feet?” Her hips rolled, her core wetting with cream, wanting the attention of the lips and tongue that he used to please her toes.

“Yeah.” He took her hips in his big hands. “But not as much as I like your other beautiful parts. Roll over.”

“Huh?” Was this more of his teasing? She let him turn her onto her stomach.


Here’s hoping we find ourselves on the naughty list!
“Rode Hard and Put Up Satisfied”
Facebook Fan Page
My Books – read the first chapters and find buy links:
-A Naughty Little Christmas
-All Hat No Cattle: A Red Hot and BOOM! Story only $.99
-All Cash No Flash: A Red Hot Treat Story only $.99
-Redneck Romeo: A Red Hot Valentine Story only $.99
-Chase and Seduction
-Heart of Steele
-Double Her Fantasy
-Double Her Pleasure
-Double Her Temptation
-Double Her Destiny only $.99
-Cowboy 6 Pack only $.99
-Tall, Dark and Paranormal only $.99
-Cowboy Jackpot: Christmas
-Cowboy Jackpot: Valentine’s Day
-Cowboy Jackpot: St. Patrick’s Day
-Her Cowboy Stud
-Turn Up the Heat
-Cowboy Bad Boys
-Cowboy Lust
-Cowboy Heat
-Free Read! A Gentleman and a Cowboy is available at Amazon, Smashwords, All Romance Ebooks, Diesel Ebook Store, Barnes and Noble


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Tattoos and Mayhem

Raise your hand if you like a tattooed god! Now don’t be shy. Even if you’re a conservative person, many of you probably like to ogle the art on a fine man’s body. Mmm-mmm.

My latest release HEART TIES book 2 of the Club Ties series is all about the rougher brand of men–the guys who live on the edge while remaining true to their real passions in life–riding fast, living to the fullest and loving hard.


The MC–or motorcycle club–got popular in the 1950s when certain clubs didn’t want to be under the umbrella of The American Motorcyclist Association. They bucked authority and were considered outlaws–above the law. Now only a handful of clubs are considered outlaws–or 1%ers. Many biker clubs participate in charity fundraisers and raise money by taking rides for cures such as cancer or childhood diseases.


Now don’t these guys look more deee-lishhhh-usss?


I’m giving away a photograph of Jax from Sons of Anarchy! Signed by…drumroll…Charlie Hunnam! Enter rafflecopter here.

AND I’m giving away a signed poster of gorgeous, hunky country boy model Gary Taylor if you sign my guest book.




That about sums it up! Now who’s ready for a taste of Drake?



The only thing keeping Ex-Marine Drake from drinking himself into an early grave is his love of leather, horsepower, and his motorcycle club. Battling to adapt to a world where he isn’t blowing everything up, he roams the highways to keep his mind off his past. But after a mission to kidnap the curvy, tattooed goddess, Delta, he finds avoiding the bottle a little easier. Especially since he can only dream of finding solace against her silky body.

Delta would do anything to escape a life where pain and fear control her. She’s lived as a slave and outsider since she could walk. When a scary biker clan storms into her life and introduces her to her long-lost sister, she’s shocked to find warmth and comfort. While Delta knows better than to hope for a life she can’t have, Drake refuses to let her slip back into the hell she knows.

Plunged into a world of gambling, guns, and drugs isn’t her idea of paradise, but hunky Drake makes her pulse pound. Is it too much to believe that Drake can save her from her torment? And what can she do about extinguishing that burning, haunted look in his eyes?



“Drake, you can’t be here. If they find you, they’ll kill you.”

“I’m aware. But you know what they say about me?”

Her hair fell around them, shutting out the night and the rest of the world. She shook her head.

If he lived to be a thousand, he’d remember the silkiness of her hair against his cheek. His throat tightened. “They say I have nine lives.”


“But I only have two left.”


For some reason he found her cuss funny. His chest vibrated, and he narrowly clamped off the sound. She hovered over him, and even in the dimness he made out her confusion. Finally the corners of her lips twitched up.

He sobered. “You’re coming with me.”

“I don’t have nine lives.”

“I’ll protect you.”






Thanks for stopping by!

Em Petrova

~hardworking heroes–in bed and out~



Amazon Author Page


FB Fan Page


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Turkey Talk + Recipe & Sexy Siesta Giveaway!

In and amongst the writing and everything that goes along with that gig, the family and I are getting ready for Turkey Day. We’re big on tradition since it’s only the husband and I here to pass on family traditions to the children so we take it big. Big meal, big game time, and a big dessert to end it on. I admit we almost passed on celebrating this holiday when the kids were born. Since we live in a country where Thanksgiving isn’t celebrated we briefly considered skipping it all together. But that didn’t last. We quickly decided that it was too much a part of our upbringing to leave it out of their lives.

Plus, we like turkey too much!

One tradition we hold dear to our hearts is that of reconnecting as a family on the big day by everyone having a turn in dressing the main course—Mr. Butterball! I have a top secret Cuban sofrito recipe (seriously top secret people!) that we use in basing the turkey first. After that is done, the girls stuff onions in small slits made in the meat and then I top it off with a special blend of butter, soy sauce, and freshly squeezed orange juice. My mouth is just watering thinking about the delicious meat. And the smell… nothing short of divine! And if there’s one thing my kids will take away from this it’s how to work as a team and never suffer through a dry turkey meal. :)

Here’s our turkey from last year. Juicy, huh? ;)


We also leave this time of year for the pumpkin pie. I usually undertake this chore, but this year my eldest daughter is old enough to take on the task of making everything from scratch instead of store bought all on her own. Her big dream is one day being a master chef so, according to her, she needs the confidence. Can’t argue with that reason, so this I pass over the dessert apron to her. I’ll keep you posted with pictures after the holiday.

The menu doesn’t stop there. Since my husband is Cuban we like to mix up the more American traditional menu with some Latin spice. Every year I make a huge pot of moros y cristianos which is a dish of black beans a white rice mixed with herbs and spices. In fact, I have the recipe here for the taking if you’d like to give it a try this year. It’s a great dish to take to any gathering and easy to make if you know how to cook rice.

Moros y Cristianos

Ingredients for the back beans

1/2 pound of black beans (two cups if using canned beans)

1 medium onion

1 green bell pepper

6 sweet peppers (ají dulce or cubanelle pepper)

1 ham hock (optional)


Preparation of the the beans

  1. Rinse and pick the beans beans.
  2. In a pot with 2 1/2 quarts of water, put the beans onion, bell pepper, sweet peppers and ham hock. Bring to a boil. Reduce the heat and simmer, uncovered, for 2 hours.
  3. Drain the beans and reserve 4 cups of the liquid. Discard vegetables and bones.


Ingredients for the dish

2 cups of rice

2 tablespoons of olive oil

1/4 pound of slab bacon diced

1 1/4 cup finely chopped medium onion

1 cup of green bell pepper, seeded, deveined, minced

1 teaspoon of ground cumin

1 teaspoon of dried oregano

1 bay leaf

1 tablespoon of white vinegar

1 tablespoon of dry sherry

2 teaspoons of salt


  1. Put the rice in a colander and let the water run until it runs clear. Drain.
  2. Heat the oil in a heavy pan and add the bacon. Cook until browned, about 3 minutes.
  3. Add the onion, pepper, cumin, oregano and bay leaf and sauté until onion wilts, about 5 minutes.
  4. Add the rice and stir. Add the black beans and the reserved liquid. Add the vinegar, sherry and salt. Cook uncovered until the liquid has been almost completely absorbed and small crater have formed on the surface.
  5. Stir with a fork and reduce the heat to low and cook covered for 20 minutes.
  6. Remove from heat and let stand, uncovered, at least 10 minutes before serving.

Makes 8 servings

moros y cristianos

If you get a chance to try the recipe, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

So what is a tradition you and your family share? Do you have a special recipe you make for Thanksgiving? Or do you prefer skipping all the work and enjoy something on a smaller scale? Step into the comment section and let’s dish! ;) One lucky commenter will win a Kindle copy of Sunrise for Three!

Plus, if you’ve been waiting for the Sexy Siesta Box set, you’re in luck! The Sexy Siesta Trilogy releases November 20th. Three novellas with four sexy-as-sin Recon Marines too tempting to resist! And let it be said I never tried. ;)


Read more about this military erotic romance novella series here.

Since I won’t be posting again until after Thanksgiving, to all my American friends who are traveling for the holiday, be safe and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Until next time…keep it sexy!

tp 200


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Killian Stone. Enough Said. Exclusive Naughty Snippet from NO MORE MASQUERADE

A sassy, sexy Saturday hello to everyone! Angel Payne here, filled with excitement at posting my first entry on the blog! I’d love to thank my fellow 69’er, Randi Alexander, for inviting me to be one of the writers presenting some naughty musings to you every month. What an honor it was when she contacted me, asking me to help her and all these talented ladies in the all-important cause of spreading our wicked fun throughout the world.

eBookCover_No-More-Masquerade_MIt’s a thrill to announce that I’ve got an especially sexy offering for you on my “virgin voyage”…LOL. Because this is the land of the smuttiest goddesses on earth, I’ve selected one of my most favorite—and filthiest—snippets from my new release in the Secrets of Stone series, written in partnership with the awesome Victoria Blue. NO MORE MASQUERADE was just put out on November 4th, so this little peek is “fresh off the presses” for you.

The book is the second installment in the Secrets of Stone series. (Books 3 and 4—and perhaps 5!—will be released in 2015!) We hope you’ll take the plunge and come learn ALL the secrets with us. In the meantime, here’s a few minutes to help you steam up the windows a bit…

I groaned from the pounding, perfect impact of her bold, beautiful passion—and held nothing back on what I gave her in return. I let her pull at me, fill herself with me, wrap herself around me. I adored her for it. Clawed at her for it. Needed her more for it. I loved how she dug her nails into my skin, not leaving an inch between my neck and shoulders unmarked. I loved the pain that etched its way down my body in response, awakening my skin and my blood in all the best, hottest ways. I loved the roll of her tongue against mine, and the darling mewl of her pleasure at my taste. I loved savoring her in return, even sucking her tongue deeper into my mouth, delighting in the startled catch of her breath in response.

 And I loved how she couldn’t seem to get enough.

 Because I sure as hell couldn’t.

We all but stripped each other there on the floor, with her yanking at my T-shirt and me roaming beneath her sweater, at last snapping her bra free. I groaned when my fingers brushed her nipples, reveling as the sensitive skin puckered and stiffened for me.

In a frantic fever, I finally ripped my shirt free. A grin plastered itself to my lips as she eagerly did the same with her sweater.

I pushed off her bra myself, using the movement as an excuse to dip my mouth to each of her taut, needy swells. “Fuck,” I growled between licking and biting at the sweet strawberries, “you taste so good, baby. So damn good.”

After I turned her into a writhing, panting mess, I hitched up, forcing myself to look at her. Really look at her. We’d done this just ten days ago and I’d turned the after-party into an emotional blood bath. If she needed to talk, go slower, or put this locomotive on full brakes, I needed to know now. I wasn’t sure my cock would be on board with any new track changes after this point.

“Talk to me,” I urged. “What do you need? What do you want? Say the word and it’s yours.”

Say the word and I’m yours.

I loved being the witness when a deeper point connected for her. The glint of golden triumph in her eyes. The impish delight that snuck into her dimples. Yet as she gathered the full impact of my words, her beauty was tripled—because it was magnified by her love.

“You really want to know?” When I only nodded slowly in acquiescence, she went on, “What I want, Mr. Killian What’s-Your-Face, is for you to make me forget everything in this room exists except that bed. And us in it.”

Goddamn. Nobody but Claire could rev me so fast from desire to lust. A handful of words, and I really was hers. A long, fire-infused stare later, and I was ready to grant her wish in all the ways she dreamed—and maybe a few she hadn’t.

“I meant it, you know.” I declared it as I sat back on my haunches and brought her knees forward, giving me the chance to untie her boots and slide them off her feet. “I’m your genie, baby. Your wish is my desire…” I paused, biting my lower lip for emphasis. “Right after you feed mine.”

Her eyes flared. Then darkened. “Of course, genie,” she breathed. “Command me. Use me in any way you need to stoke your…magic ways.”

I rose to my feet and brought her along with me. Keeping our bodies nearly entwined, I claimed her in a deep, sweeping kiss that left out the coy and cautious this time. I spread her lips as far as she’d let me, stabbing my tongue at hers in open caveman possession. Claire, her blood already spiked from fighting off the asses in the alley, scratched all the way down my chest. I broke our kiss to reward her with hisses as she tore her way down my pecs, barely giving my nipples a bye on the slashes. When she was done, I impaled her with a stare that gave her no choice of reaction. She was going to obey me. Period. She licked her lips for a fast second, conveying how she already agreed.

“Walk over there,’ I instructed. “To the bed. Strip for me. Then stand and wait for me.”

She lifted a sultry smile that turned my heart into mush and my cock into stone. “As my genie wishes.”


 Sad man enjoying his beloved girlfriend

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Under the Mistletoe Cover Reveal

Who likes holiday romances?

I’m putting the final touches on my holiday novella–Under The Mistletoe.

Alex is dreading going home for the holiday. Another year alone–another year her parents will needle her about her single status. But when sexy cowboy, Jax, appears, she has found the perfect solution. She’ll pay him to be her boyfriend for the holiday. Both Alex and Jax will be surprised to find a connection–and a Christmas present they never expected.

Spice up your holiday with Under The Mistletoe. Available in December.

To whet your appetite, I’m including an unedited excerpt from Under The Mistletoe. Enjoy!

And, stop over at my blog, http://rhondaleecarver-author.blogspot.com/2014/11/norman-reedus-postergiveaway.html to enter the Rafflecopter to win Norman Reedus…a poster, that is.


She stepped closer, the tips of her toes touched his boots, and he wrapped his arms around her waist. Planting her palms on his broad chest, she looked up at him. “I’m a little shy, I suppose.”

He chuckled and his chest vibrated. “You don’t have to be shy with me.”

Melting against him, she slipped her hands to his middle. “It’s odd. I feel like I’ve known you much longer than a few hours, yet I’m giddy with excitement over the newness.”

He rubbed his finger along her ear lobe, over her cheek, then lower to the curve of her jaw. “I’d like to get to know you better.” His eye twinkled and his hard shaft grew against her stomach. “I want to sample every part of your beautiful body.” He drove his words home when he threaded his fingers through her hair and kissed her neck. Her jaw. Behind her ear.

She trembled and slid deeper into his arms. “I can’t wait.”

He nibbled the corner of her mouth. She turned her lips to meet his, tongues met, dueled in mirrored passion. Breathless, he pulled an inch away. “You taste like the cotton candy I used to get at the country fair. I wonder if other parts taste like sugar.” He dropped his hand to her chest and smoothed the pad of his thumb over her nipple, swirling the bud into a throbbing ache.

A tiny whimper fell off her lips.

“Oh yes, I love that sound.” He whispered against her lips.

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City Nights: One Night in Paris by Lucy Felthouse (@cw1985) Just $0.99/77p on Amazon During November!

OneNightinParisFor the month of November, this erotic romance novella will be on SALE. Warm up those winter nights with this smokin’ hot read!

Grab your copy here: http://mybook.to/cnparis

Here’s what it’s all about:

Jacob is nearly forty, and has recently come to the sudden realisation that he’s not doing much with his life. Sure, he’s got his own successful business, but what’s the point in earning lots of money and not doing anything or going anywhere to spend it?

He’s in serious danger of being all work and no play, so he starts to rectify this by organising a twenty four hour layover in Paris en route to a meeting in Dubai. Whilst there, he goes on a bus tour of the city, and there meets Annabelle, a fellow Brit who’s studying in Paris. There’s clearly an attraction between the two of them, so when the gorgeous Annabelle makes an indecent proposal to help Jacob fill his time in Paris, who is he to refuse?


Author Bio:

Lucy Felthouse is a very busy woman! She writes erotica and erotic romance in a variety of subgenres and pairings, and has over 100 publications to her name, with many more in the pipeline. These include several editions of Best Bondage Erotica, Best Women’s Erotica 2013 and Best Erotic Romance 2014. Another string to her bow is editing, and she has edited and co-edited a number of anthologies, and also edits for a small publishing house. She owns Erotica For All, is book editor for Cliterati, and is one eighth of The Brit Babes. Find out more at http://www.lucyfelthouse.co.uk. Join her on Facebook and Twitter, and subscribe to her newsletter at: http://eepurl.com/gMQb9

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Monday Afterthoughts

After another long and busy weekend I’m just wore out. I didn’t get a chance to put any words on the page for NaNoWriMo. I’m hoping to get a few down today. It won’t make up for the time i was away, but writing a little bit everyday has been awesome. My oldest celebrated his 21st birthday Saturday and we had a good time watching his friends buy him shots. Even in the midst of his partying he made sure his friends had rides home from the bar and since I don’t drive he made sure he had a ride home from the bar as well. Can’t get anymore responsible than that. :-) Then he was up bright and early the following day playing video games. The rest of us were still hugging the sheets.

So back to this NaNo thing. I know you’ve seen posts and blogs about it. I need to go and sign up again. Of course it’s not too late to join. Little by little my mind has been focused on what I need to write next and that’s such a plus. I’m stuck at a love scene at the moment and hope to rectify that today. So have a great day. And to those doing NaNo…Happy Writing.

Until next time, Indulge Your Inner Desires

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Please allow me to introduce myself

Alice-0943-LR-ColorHello, my name is Alice Gaines, and I write smut. Moreover, I’m a white-haired old lady who writes smut.  Not what people normally expect.  I started writing smut in 1990 and was published In the first volume of Secrets from Red Sage in 1995. That was the first volume of erotic romance ever published.


Here’s what it looked like at the time.  secrets


A pretty far cry from Secrets volume 31.

secreys 31






I’m not only a white-haired old lady, I’m a church-going old lady.  Definitely not what people expect.   I never tell people what to believe, but I do talk about my church all the time because I love it. Everyone in my church knows what I write.  They even know about  The Adventures of Wonderslut (more on that later). In fact, here I am with my friend, Amber Belldene, giving a talk at my church called “God and Sex.” It was very well received.



I’ve written just about everything–historical, contemporary, fantasy, paranormal, shapeshifters, humor, short stories, novellas, full-length books. I write whatever strikes my fancy. One day, I decided men who could shift into motorcycles would be neat, so I wrote some of those.DriventoJustice125






sinful wagerAnother time, I set a story in hell, which was a casino where the clients always won and the prize was sex.  Lucifer was the sexy hero.






Lately, my fantasies have roamed to an exclusive club where women can have exactly what they want from the men who work there. Those stories were released by Avon Impulse in September.TotalAbandon






Alice Gaines_Kiss Frog_500x750Next year, I plan to move more into self-publishing. I have a series of books set In a lovely Eastern European country I made up. Each hero is a Prince of Danislova, and each becomes Prince Charming for an American woman. They’ll be out in January, February, and March.

I look forward to discussing books and writing with you in the coming months. I have my own blog where I post announcements at http://www.alicegaines.blogspot.com. Every Friday, I post an erotic excerpt at http://www.alicesexcerpts.blogspot.com. On the fourth Friday of the month, I post a new installment of The Adventures of Wonderslut, Avenger of the Non-Orgasmic. I’m on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter as AliceGaines. Say hi the next time you see me.

My e-mail is AuthorAliceGaines@gmail.com. Drop me a line, and I’ll add you to my e-mail list. There will be giveaways. (Did I mention I knit?)



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Wives and Neighbors Go Audio!

So, I’m totally into audiobooks. I get a ton of them out of the library, but they just don’t have everything. Sometimes they’re missing one book in a series. Ugh. So I also had to join Audible. What I love about audiobooks is, of course, that I can be doing two things at once. Like yesterday. I had to change the bed, wash the sheets, do some laundry. So I listened to Under the Dome by Stephen King while I worked. I’ve been watching the TV show, but I just couldn’t resist the book. Hint here, the book is quite different. Anyway, I listen while I exercise, do chores, drive, cook, and on and on. I love my Kindle, too, but I actually have to take time out to read. Which I love doing in the bathtub. But it takes me a long, long time to finish an ebook or a print book. So audiobooks are a godsend! I just finished listening to Darling Beast by Elizabeth Hoyt, the latest in her Maiden Lane series. I adore those books!

So naturally, when ACX started up, I had to jump into audiobooks, too. I’ve had all my Jennifer Skully books that I own the rights to made into audiobooks. I love my narrator June Wayne. She’s crisp, clear, and she doesn’t make the voices sound hokey. After listening to hundreds of audiobooks, I know that a bad reader can destroy a good story. I remember listening to one of the Fire and Ice series by George R.R. Martin where Daenerys sounded like an old crone. She’s only 15, for goodness sake! Anyway, a good reader is the most important thing. And June is great. So the Cottonmouth series is in audiobook. And Baby, I’ll Find You, a Jennifer Skully standalone. We’ve done the complete Jackson Brothers series and the Open Invitation series. Now with Open Invitation, we’ve actually done them as separate books, then as the whole anthology as well. We’ll see how that works for sales. And a couple of weeks ago, we put out Wives and Neighbors, both books.

 photo wandnaudio2_zpsd1cd0276.jpg photo wanaudio22_zps046f0af1.jpg

Here’s where you can listen to these two books: Wives & Neighbors Audible Amazon Amazon UK iTunes and Wives & Neighbors Two Audible Amazon Amazon UK iTunes

Now, let’s talk about Whispersync. With Whispersync, you can read the Kindle book and then switch over to the audiobook when you’re driving (or walking or cleaning or anything else). You can also buy the audiobook at a much lower price if you already own the ebook. I have to say I don’t actually sync the ebook and audiobook. I have a small MP3 player that I listen to, and to use Whispersync, you have to have a device that’s capable of doing both things, ebook and audio, like a Kindle fire or an iPad.

 photo audioCFU_zps89995bd9.jpg

Right now, I’ve got She’s Gotta Be Mine for free. So you can get the ebook for free, then flip over and can get the audiobook for $1.99. And then you can Whispersync it. A great deal!

Here’s where you can find She’s Gotta Be Mine for free! Kindle Kindle UK Kindle CA Nook iBooks iBooks AU iBooks UK Kobo Smashwords All Romance Coffee Time Romance

And Revenge, West Coast Book 1 is still free, too! iBooks iBooks UK iBooks AU Kindle Kindle UK Nook Nook UK Kobo All Romance Smashwords Coffee Time Romance. You can learn all about the West Coast series on my website: www.jasminehaynes.com.

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Read a Sexy Excerpt and Enter to Win a Signed Paperback from Randi Alexander!

Do you love menages? My Double Seduction series is four sexy-hot books that follow Megan and her hunky men, brothers Trey and Garret McGatlin, from the day they meet in Chicago, all the way to a surprise ending at the Silver Spur Ranch in Texas.

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The excerpt I chose for you is from the third book, Double Her Temptation:

The kitchen door opened.

Trey and Megan swiveled their heads.

“You get five minutes alone with her, and you go at her like a stud bull?” Garret shut the door with a naughty grin. “But keep goin’. Y’all need your one-on-one time.”

Megan looked at Trey, her eyes shining, her lips curving up. “Yeah, stud, keep goin’.” Megan’s back was pressed against the front of the refrigerator, and Trey had her leg up over her arm, and his hot cock positioned to enter her hot canal.

His damn brother knew exactly how to spoil a mood. They’d initiated the one-on-one policy when Megan had arrived on the ranch last week. Before then, Trey and Garret always double-teamed the women they shared. Megan, though, she was different.

She was someone he wanted to keep around for a long, long time. “You gonna give us some privacy?” He pushed his cock into her an inch and pulled out the same length.

She sighed and wrapped her arms around his neck.

“Nope.” Garret crossed to the table and turned a chair to face them. “The rules didn’t say nothing about not watching.”

Megan giggled. “Kinky.”

Trey pumped his shaft in and out of her, not caring if his brother watched anymore, because he had a plan for revenge. “Our hot little sweetheart here has something kinky in mind, too.”

“Oh, yeah?” He moved the chair a few inches, choosing his view.

“She wants to ride us…bareback.”

Garret stopped halfway seated. His gaze locked with Megan’s and his brows lifted. “Yeah?”

She licked her lips, breathless from Trey’s fast thrusts. “I want to feel you both, your flesh against mine as you shove those hot cocks into me.”

“Aw hell, baby.” Garret plopped down on the chair, his hand at the rise in his fly. “Nothing I’d like better.” He rubbed his cock through the denim. “I got tested last week, got the doctor’s note.” He unbuckled his belt, his gaze intent on the spot where Megan’s pussy was getting pounded into by Trey’s cock.

Shit, there was something about being watched… Trey’s gaze locked with Megan’s.

Her eyes turned darker and rolled back. “Now, Trey.”

He adjusted his hips and punched his staff into her, letting the blast furnace heating his groin flare up his spine to send his brain exploding, his body pumping with the beat of his thudding heart.

Around his cock, her tight core pulsed like fists holding and milking him. His balls shot wild spurts of cum deep into her as she cried out and scratched his shoulders.

When the flames began to burn out, he caught his breath, slowed his pumping, and kissed her neck. “Beautiful, sweetheart.”

“Mm.” Her body shook with an aftershock, and he wished they were in bed, instead of up against the refrigerator.

“Sexy, Megan.” Garret’s voice brought Trey quickly back from the warm piece of paradise he’d been floating in.

“She is, brother.” Trey withdrew, lowered her leg, and held her up while she caught her balance.

She kissed him and looked at his brother. “This voyeur addition to our relationship, I could get used to it.”

Trey didn’t think he ever wanted to be the one who had to watch, instead of fuck. He released her and turned to deal with the condom.

Garret sat with his jeans down to mid-thigh, his cock hard in his hand. “What’s this about riding bareback?”

Megan walked slowly toward him, running her tongue over her lips. “I just need to get to town to get a second method of birth control so we don’t accidentally make your parents into grandparents.”

Garret looked at Trey. “To town? I don’t think so.” He frowned at Megan, who placed her hands on his thighs and knelt between his legs.

She pushed his hand aside and stroked his hard shaft with her fingers. “What can I do to change your mind?”


Here’s your chance to win a signed paperback of Double Her Temptation AND the fourth book in the series, Double Her Destiny. Just leave a comment telling us why you like ménages, and one random commenter will be chosen the winner.

Good luck!
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