Why Paranormal Romance?

7414781[1]   People often ask me why I am drawn to writing paranormal romance. I’ve asked other writers this question as well, and many of the answers are the same. They like a world where the rules can easily be bent and reshaped into whatever they want. Vampires exist. All manner of creatures who go bump in the night put on a trench coat and walk the streets after dark. For me, it’s a little different. My attraction to the paranormal began when I was a child, and I can’t really say what drove the interest only that it was always there. I grew up in a world filled with magic.
My grandmother used home remedies that basically amounted to sympathetic magic where pain or any ailment would be drawn from a person and put into an object. She was a devout Baptist but she carried a real rabbit’s foot in her purse until the day she died. I now have the rabbit’s foot. Her husband, a Baptist Deacon, had more than one encounter with things that were there one minute and not there the next. On the other side of my family, my great grandfather was part Native American and could walk so soundlessly, he would easily sneak up on people. There was always an air of magic and mystery in every family gathering, with discussions about strange feelings people got about upcoming events, dreams that ended up coming true and people who could predict the future before it happened with things as simply as “someone is coming to visit” ten minutes before someone drove up.
I grew up in a tiny community of about 2,000 people, and the communities were joined by one main highway, which was about ten miles long. Along that highway, there are several roadside memorial crosses, and each one of those crosses has a story of a life lost, but the story is usually something more than just “hey there was a really bad accident here.” There is one curve in particular that has been home to many wrecks, one involving my younger brother. The night his car went airborne, he and his passengers survived. One of the passengers was thrown from the car and had been wearing a white t-shirt. That shirt has tire marks on it. He was run over by the car in mid air and survived. The Baptist church right down the road from the wreck site had a sign up that night that said “Is the road you are on leading to Heaven?” My brother and his friends survived and slowed down a little since that night.
Several other people have not been so lucky. One of the young men who died was killed in a motorcycle accident. It was probably five years after his death that I was driving home along the highway. It was just turning dark, that weird twilight time of day when things look strange anyway. As I approached the church, I saw someone riding a bicycle in the middle of the road. I thought to myself “Why is he in the middle of the road?” Most bicyclists drive on the shoulder. As I kept driving, I watched the person on the bicycle disappear in front of me. He had been there for maybe 60 seconds, maybe not that long, but he had clearly been there. When I told my dad about it, he said “You probably saw Justin,” without thinking anything strange about the encounter.
In the center of this curve is a yellow house that was reputed to be built “during slavery times” which was a long time ago to anyone whom you ask. I grew up with a guy who lived in that house. The whole community will tell you the house is haunted by the ghosts of slaves who were killed and tortured in the house. In fact, if you hear the legends, they resemble those of the LaLaurie House in New Orleans. The person who grew up in the house never saw or encountered anything weird, and I had been in the house several times in my teen years. The house has been abandoned for maybe ten years, and the last time a hurricane blew through, the front door opened, inviting anyone in who might venture that way. I don’t consider it breaking and entering, even though it was definitely trespassing.
I went into the house with a group of teenagers and a ghost detector. We entered through the side door and immediately saw that the house had seen better days. The floor was caving in throughout the lower level and the walls were peeling and moldy. We made our way up the creaking stairs, which are very rickety but still sturdy enough to hold us. At the top of the stairs is a bedroom and the attic area, which is open and easy to see because so many boards have fallen down. When you enter the master bedroom, you can walk through a door that takes you to the “Secret Room.” This room is one that has spawned many legends but is actually just a remodeled room that still houses a jukebox.
Going back downstairs, we stepped over the hole at the end of the staircase and moved to the right of the staircase to a room whose entire center is sunk in. The room has blue carpet and lets in a lot of light. At this point in my investigation, the teenagers started screaming and my ghost detector started picking up a very strong EMF (electro-magnetic frequency) which means something was going on in the room that was a little different from normal. I recorded the room and quietly made my calculations on my detector while trying to keep the kids from freaking out any further. When we left, I played back my recordings and looked at the readings I had gotten. Every recording was messed up. The sound was draggy and the video was blurred. All the video I had recorded immediately before and immediately after that room was fine.
When I got home, I decided to do some real research on the house. It didn’t take long to uncover the history of the place, including the dates when it was built. As it turned out, the original owner of the house was killed in his sleep by one of his slaves. Does anyone have a guess as to which room was the owner’s bedroom? It was the room with the blue carpet. The original owner is buried on the property, though I have not located his grave.
So why do I write paranormal romance? My answer is because my entire world is paranormal. I grew up around magic and am constantly surrounded by it. Things that are impossible in most people’s worlds are Tuesday in mine. No, I don’t know any shape shifters, and no, I’ve never met a vampire. However, so many things that only happen in paranormal romance happen on a daily basis in the land I call home. So paranormal for me is normal. It is what makes sense in a world where many things don’t make sense at all. That is why I was originally drawn to the paranormal and why I continue to work with it today.

Start the Soulbound Series with Book 1

When Genesis Martinez went into Lake Ponchartrain and died, her nightmare was just beginning. Resurrected and soulless, she falls victim to wandering souls seeking a body. Cassius Ramirez went into the Lake sixty years ago and knows he died, but when he woke up in the morgue, everything has changed. Something is killing people in New Orleans, and Cass knows he’s responsible. But when he meets Gen, he knows he will do anything to protect her. Cass isn’t the only man who feels a connection to Gen, and when his brother Craven catches her scent, all bets are off.

Detective Brick Parker has seen a lot of things in his years with New Orleans Police, but he’s never seen anything quite like what’s happening now. Bodies torn to shreds, brains missing, creatures roaming the night, victims with human teeth marks in their flesh. Worse of all, his partner, Jules, has been throwing around a Z word usually reserved for late night horror movies.

As creatures roam the streets of New Orleans, Gen’s very existence is on the line. She’s unleashed a creature unlike any other and now she may have to pay the ultimate price. There’s a cure, but it may cost her even more than her soul.

**Content Warning: May contain explicit content and scenes. Intended for 18+ Audience.

Gen tried not to flinch when he touched her but everything about this situation was setting off alarms in her head. Not to mention what it was doing to her stomach, creating little flip-flops that were making her nauseated. As much as she wanted to pull away from him, his touch was soothing, which in itself should have been enough to send her running. And her tough girl attitude, the one that had saved her so many times and was currently fueled by her Metallica t-shirt, could only take her so far.
She found herself mesmerized by the steady movements of his hands and the gentle way he cleaned then wrapped her arm. His fingers were rough but instead of chafing her skin, the calloused surfaces made her want to purr with delight. Something was definitely wrong with her. Genesis Martinez did not react like this to men, even ones who were built like action heroes with silver eyes that looked entirely other-worldly. His pupils seemed to appear and disappear as he touched her, as if the contact was having an effect on him too. He wore his hair and beard close cropped, neat, no frills, 100% man with definite Hispanic blood in his veins.
He was definitely built like a boxer, with wide shoulders, narrow hips, and thighs that fit very nicely into his jeans. His dark t-shirt hugged against his chest, outlining the proof of hours spent in the gym. He had haunted the few dreams she’d managed to have between ten pm and three am last night, his smile an intoxicating blend of sin and salvation. The man in the flesh was both calming and powerful, a paradox of danger and safety, the kind of man who could really get a girl into all the right kinds of trouble. But Gen already had a working relationship with trouble, and she didn’t need the kind that would come with smoldering eyes and sensual lips.
But the thing inside her wouldn’t let her trust him, didn’t want him to be close. It was almost as if it knew him and was warning her against him. Of course that made sense. The body was in his gym, and the chances that he was the reason for that were pretty solid. Still, he had so much to lose if he were a killer, which would probably explain why the body was so well hidden.
His boxing career was on fire right now, and the odds of him winning his match tonight were very high. The bets had been coming in for a couple of weeks, but the past twenty four hours had seen an influx, enough to pay her rent for a couple of months and have plenty left over. Her business as an online bookie depended on guys like him, but she never imagined she’d be sitting here letting him wrap up an old wound that had popped open in last night’s scuffle.
There was something about him that was extremely familiar, and it went beyond the fact that she could spout off all his stats for the past two years. It was as if she knew him, and not the Cash Money side of him but the man whose hands were making her stomach churn. He looked down at her arm, concentrating on every movement, touching her so gently it made her want to scream at him. When he finally looked up at her, his pupils had disappeared and were just now coming back into view.
It was there, right on the tip of her tongue. She wanted to ask him a question that defied logic, but instead she swallowed it. Do you believe in life after death?
“There,” he announced. “I think that should hold.”
“Yeah.” She pulled her arm away as quickly as possible and slid her sleeve back over it. “Thanks.”
“You look a million miles away. You okay?”
“Just focusing on the pain,” she lied.
“Hmmm.” He leaned back in his chair, his eyes focused on her, making her feel very self-conscious. It felt as if he were looking straight into her, seeing things she never showed anyone. “Sometimes it takes pain to get you through, huh?” It wasn’t a question but a statement, as if he understood exactly what she meant.
“Yeah. Whatever. Thanks.” She stood and tucked the first aid kit under her arm.
“Wait.” She had almost made her escape when his deep timbre stopped her.
Turning slowly, she realized her hands had been gripping the first aid kit to the point of causing numbness in her fingertips. “Yeah?” Her voice was softer than she would’ve liked, and she cleared her throat and set her jaw, steeling herself for whatever he said next.
“You never said what you were doing here.” His long legs made him seem predatory as he walked across the room, his eyes never leaving her face. He made her nervous but at the same time, the sensation was a welcome one. It had been a long time since she’d been touched so gently by someone who she knew could tear her apart if he wanted to.
“Guess I was wrong,” she shrugged. “No. I think you were looking for something.”
For the third time in recent history, she found herself trapped between a man and a wall. Only this time, she wasn’t afraid. She was practically tingling with wanting, wishing he would reach out and touch her again. The way his eyes flashed, she wondered if he could feel it, too. The predatory look on his face should’ve frightened her, but there was something there so familiar she couldn’t bring herself to be afraid.




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Sneek Peek

I apologize for being missing for the past month. My hubby and I were traveling around Florida and Georgia, visiting friends and family, and escaping the cold that hung around western New York since last November. If I’d been more organized, I would have scheduled posts ahead of time, but then, I’ve never claimed to be organized.

I’ve also been busy working on edits for my September Samhain release, The Cottage Next Door. It’s not smutty in the least, but emotional and romantic, but of course, there’s sex because realistically, grown-up relationships usually include sex.

Because I’m sure that, like me, our readers like some variety in their reading and love romances of all kinds, I’m giving you the first peek at this second-chance-at-love beach romance:

Sylvie waited on the deck while Hunter let Riley into his cottage and got him some water. She felt lighthearted and scared to death at the same time.

Maybe it would have been easier to jump his bones last night in the dark. They could have said they were overcome by passion. By the spur-of-the-moment need. But now…this was thought out. Planned. Agreed to.

They were going to have sex. No strings attached and with an end clearly in sight.

Hunter joined her at the door to her cottage. She avoided his eyes as she opened the door. He followed her in and closed the door behind him. The small cottage seemed to shrink down to miniscule. Hunter wasn’t huge, but he took up a lot of space in the little living room. A buzz of nervous anticipation danced along her skin.

He was a stranger. He had Fletcher’s stamp of approval, but that didn’t mean she felt all that comfortable about taking off her clothes in front of him. She wasn’t as young as she used to be. And no other man but Matt had seen her naked.

Hunter tipped her chin up with one finger. She hadn’t realized she’d been staring at the floor.

“Okay, now it’s my turn to ask you if you’re all right. Are you changing your mind? Do you want to go a little slower? I could take you out for lunch and—”

Sylvie forced out a laugh and grabbed his forearms. “No. God, no. We don’t need to go out on a date. That’s not what this is about, right?”

He studied her for a moment. “You look like you’re having second thoughts to me.”

“No. I’m so horny I can hardly think straight. That’s not the problem. I want to have sex. With you. I’m just nervous.” She chewed on her lower lip for a moment and then admitted, “I feel like this is the first time for me. I know it’s dumb, but I’ve never had sex with anyone but Matt, and I don’t know how to do it with anyone else.”

“I think we all probably do it the same way,” he said softly. He was most likely trying not to laugh at her.

“I know. I’m being silly.”

“I have a confession to make.”


“I’ve never had sex with anyone but Jenny.”

“Really?” She couldn’t stop the hint of skepticism from sliding into her voice.

“Yeah, I know. Guys are supposed to have had sex with lots of women, but I wasn’t that way. Jenny was my high school sweetheart. My only love. I didn’t want anyone else.” He swept her wispy hair back from her face. His hand was warm on her cheek. “Until you.”

She shivered. “So here we are, almost like a couple of virgins.”

“I don’t know if I’d go that far.” He brushed his lips over hers, oh so slowly. “I’ve learned a few things since high school.”

Her lips tingled. So did the rest of her body. “That’s good to know.”

She couldn’t believe they were really going to do this. For all her fantasizing, reality was a little scarier than she thought it would be. She did feel like a virgin in Hunter’s arms. No matter how much she wanted this, she wasn’t sure how to proceed. Did he want to take charge? Did he like to take it fast? Slow?

“Hey.” Hunter pulled back to look her in the eye. “You tensed up. Are you okay?”

She nodded. Smiled at his concern. “Virgin nerves.”

He chuckled softly. “No expectations. We can take things slow.”

“Slow,” she repeated. Why was she a little disappointed? What had she expected, that he would take her hard and fast because he couldn’t help himself? Matt had been in love with her and they’d never had sex that way.

Hunter ran his lips along her jaw and over her throat. “Your skin is so soft,” he murmured. His hands rested on her hips, heavy and warm, but he didn’t move them over her body. His lips were all that were moving. He didn’t slip his fingers beneath her shirt to feel her bare skin. He didn’t slide a palm up to cup her breast. She ached with the longing for him to do just that. Her breasts felt heavy. Her nipples prickled.

He wasn’t rushing her. Sylvie supposed she should be grateful for his consideration, but she’d wanted this for days. Nights. She grabbed his arms, right below the edge of the short sleeves. The hard, warm skin nearly burned her hands. She curled her fingers into his flesh, holding on tight when her knees began to tremble.

God, she needed this so badly. To feel like a desirable woman again. To slake this need with a hot, hard man.

The Cottage Next Door releases September 16th and I’ll be back to share the beautiful cover as soon as I can!

Playing for Real
Her Royal Masquerade
Her Royal Bodyguard

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I Think I Might Be Having an Affair with Benedict Cumberbatch

Hi everyone,

On Location 1fLast month I posted about sexy characters, including the delectable version of Sherlock Holmes played by the even more delectable Benedict Cumberbatch. Well, I think I may have started something, sparked something in my insane subconscious, because ever since then, I’ve been having dreams about him.

Not particularly dirty dreams (sadly), which is surprising given the sort of filth I write, but dreams about us going off solving cases together (he has the Sherlock look in my sleeping world), stopping for the occasional canoodle in dark corners and alleyways and the like. I can testify to the fact that that curly black mop is very soft and is lovely to play with, and that he smells very nice. You know, in my dreams, where all this shit is made up. Damn.

I had yet another dream this weekend, and I woke up and told my other half I thought I might be having an affair. He asked who with, and when I told him Benedict Cumberbatch, he shrugged. It seems that Benedict is so cool that most blokes wouldn’t mind their girlfriends having an affair with him. In fact, they’d probably be kinda jealous… that they weren’t the ones having the affair with him.

Lovely, lovely Benedict, appealing to men and women of all ages and sexualities, I applaud you. Also, when you next step into my slumbering brain, do you think we could have sex, please? You know, purely for research purposes… ;) Maybe you could even bring your buddy Tom Hiddleston with you. That’d be nice, wouldn’t it?

Happy Reading!

Lucy x


Latest release:

Letters to a War ZoneWhen lonely insurance broker, Bailey, gets himself a new hobby, he ends up exchanging letters with a war zone. But he’s not expecting what happens next…

Bailey Hodgkiss is lonely and dissatisfied with his boring life as an insurance broker. In an attempt to insert some variety, he signs up to a website to write to serving soldiers. He’s put in touch with Corporal Nick Rock, and over the course of a couple of letters, the two of them strike up a friendship. They begin to divulge their secrets, including their preference for men.

Nick encourages Bailey to add more interests to his life. As a result, Bailey picks up his forgotten hobby, photography, and quickly decides to team it up with his other preferred interest, travel.

Booking a holiday to Rome is his biggest gesture towards a more exciting existence, and he eagerly looks forward to the trip. That is, until Nick says he’s coming home on leave, and it looks as though their respective trips will prevent them from meeting in person. Is there enough of a spark between them to push them to meet, or will their relationship remain on paper only?

More info, excerpt and buy links: http://lucyfelthouse.co.uk/published-works/letters-to-a-war-zone/


Lucy Felthouse is a very busy woman! She writes erotica and erotic romance in a variety of subgenres and pairings, and has over 100 publications to her name, with many more in the pipeline. These include several editions of Best Bondage Erotica, Best Women’s Erotica 2013 and Best Erotic Romance 2014. Another string to her bow is editing, and she has edited and co-edited a number of anthologies, and also edits for a small publishing house. She owns Erotica For All, and is book editor for Cliterati. Find out more at http://www.lucyfelthouse.co.uk. Join her on Facebook and Twitter, and subscribe to her newsletter at: http://eepurl.com/gMQb9

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Love’s Submission Cover Reveal

It’s so much fun getting pretties in my inbox. Actually I have two, but I’m sharing one today. I don’t have a release date yet, but the cover is super sexy.
Here’s the blurb for Love’s Submission.
From the moment BJ met Kalista he know she was the one for him, but too much alcohol and a bad decision left him on the outside looking in. He’ll do anything to make up for the pain he’s caused her. All he needs is a chance to prove he’s worthy of her trust and love again.
Hearts and trust were never meant to be broken and as much as Kalista wants to see BJ suffer, she can’t deny that the attraction and love is still there. Maybe giving him another chance wouldn’t be so bad, if she didn’t have someone else.

And the cover…


Until next time Indilge Your Inner Desires.

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NSFW Excerpt from Caress of the Wolf (The Gray Pack 5) Releases TOMORROW!

The Gray Pack Book 5

The Gray Pack Book 5

I’m so excited to be bringing you the fifth book in The Gray Pack series!

This one overlaps book four – Dreams of the Wolf – and tells Whitney Gray’s

emotional story of mating with two wolves from another pack.

The Blurb…

In a time of transition, only the strongest will thrive…

Whitney Gray is less than thrilled that her werewolf pack is hosting another packs Alpha battle. She figures the Diego wolves have done enough damage to the Gray wolves to last a lifetime, but when cousins Cadence and Mateo Diego step into her life she finds herself on a new and dangerous path.

Cadence and Mateo are determined to protect their birthright, and secure their place as the leaders of the Diego Pack. They didn’t anticipate finding their mate, and now they are protecting her and her family from a threat that ends up being way to close for comfort.

The newly mated trio begin planning for a life or death battle, and end up on a journey from betrayal to forgiveness, but when you’re battling the past, someone’s bound to get hurt.

You can preorder it now at


Or back up and read the series from the beginning…

Fire of the Wolf – Book 1

Reflections of the Wolf – Book 2

Legacy of the Wolf – Book 3

Dreams of the Wolf  – Book 4


Mateo struggled to find the right description for what he had just witnessed. His body and his wolf ached to claim their woman, too, but he held himself back. It was Cadence’s right as his Alpha to claim their mate first, but the tiny flicker of doubt in his brain wasn’t soothed by that knowledge. What if now that she had mated his cousin, she decided that he was enough for her? Could she brush him off now that she had a true claiming done?

His questions and self-doubts proved to be unfounded when she slid off of Cadence’s lap and turned to face him. Her body was that of a sensual vixen as she crawled across the bed to him. She reached out a hand to fondle his oversized cock and pressed her forehead to the center of his chest.

“My God, you’re huge.”

His throat tightened. “I understand. You don’t have to—”

She lifted her head and pressed her finger to his lips. “I want to. Just let me ease into it, okay?”

When he nodded, she threw one leg over him and rose up over his straining cock. Her nipples skimmed across his chest, and he growled. Her lip curled up into a tiny smile and she did it again, looking pleased when he tensed and panted harder.

So the little wolf wants to tease, does she?

He planted his feet on the bed and rocked his hips, aligning his cock with her dripping slit and grinding against her. A gasp and a shudder was all he got before she reached down to clasp his girth in her hand and line him up with her body.

Inch by torturous inch she eased down over him, accepting him into her, molding all around him. When she flinched in pain, he wrapped his fist around the base of his cock, blocking her from dropping lower.

The flash of irritation in her eyes made him laugh. “Easy, amor. We’ll work up to that. Just take what’s comfortable. It will be enough. You already feel like heaven to me.”

His words seemed to soothe her, and with his hands guiding her she began a steady rhythm of thrusts and twists on his cock. Her breasts bounced as she moved, but his eyes were focused on her face. Every muscle twitch, every gasp, seemed to bore right into his soul, etching a permanent mark on his being as he made love to his mate for the first time.

When he felt her body begin to shudder around him, he pulled her down until she was pressed against his chest. Tightening one arm around her midsection to hold her in place, he arched his neck to give her room. The bite barely stung before a wave of heat took over, washing through him from head to toe and back to his groin. It was all he could do to twist his head and bite into her neck, matching her claim before he gave in and shot his release deep inside of her body.

When his vision cleared, the first thing he saw was his mark of claiming in the crook of her neck. That tiny ring was as important to their way of life as any wedding ring, and it sucker punched him that he was a mated wolf.

A whisper in his head, so quiet he barely heard it, echoed his shock and awe at the day’s events, but it was gone before it really registered.

“Holy smokes.” Her breath was hot against his cheek, and he could feel the sweat on their joined skin starting to cool. She shivered when he ran his hand up her spine, and he smiled at her words.

Cadence disappeared out the bedroom door, returning a moment later with a wet cloth. Whitney let out a yelp of surprise when he began to clean her body, and Mateo laughed at the blush that climbed her cheeks.

“Don’t be embarrassed, love. I just want to take care of you before you fall asleep,” Cadence told her, kissing her shoulder blade before moving his hand again.

She held still long enough for him to finish, but she refused to meet Mateo’s gaze until it was over and Cadence moved away. “I’m sorry. I’m just not used to anyone doing that.”

“Doing what, mi reina?” he asked as she shifted to lie at his side and curled her body against him. “Taking care of you?”

She shrugged and ducked her head down without answering. Her hand skimmed over his chest and her fingers played in the sprinkle of dark curls that lined the center of his body. Did she know how much that small touch of affection turned him on?

“We will always take care of you, little flower. You’re ours to protect now.” Cadence met Mateo’s eyes as he re-entered the room, and they shared a moment of silent understanding. This was their mate. Even if they never intended to share one, she was a precious gift that they would give their lives to protect.

I hope you’ll pick up Caress of the Wolf, as well as the rest of The Gray Pack! I promise they’ll keep you warm!

As always, Live, Laugh and Love like today is your only chance!~Lori

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Punishment is its own reward…

Teach Me a Lesson photo 9780425266243_Teach_Me_a_Lesson_zps0a68b5fc.jpg

Woohoo, Teach Me a Lesson is out. “There is no one who writes pure erotic fantasy better than Haynes.” That’s what Heroes & Heartbreakers has to say about Teach Me a Lesson. Thank you, Tiffany Tyer! You can read the whole review along with a couple of sexy excerpts at ow.ly/v5hOp. And I’ve got another excerpt at RT Hump Day Excerpts. I’m not going to give you an excerpt here since I think what you’ll find in these two links says it all! I hope you’ll check them out.Teach Me a Lesson is available for preorder on Amazon http://amzn.to/1fpPZAD BN http://bit.ly/1iK9QlF and iBooks http://bit.ly/1nq2Igu. I hope you all will enjoy it as much as The Naughty Corner.

I’ve got to share a couple of trailers of upcoming movies that really piqued my interest! First is Transcendence with Johnny Depp. I’ve been a total Johnny Depp fan since I first saw him in Nightmare on Elm Street, which my husband and I went to see at Covent Garden in London when we were on our honeymoon. This movie looks pretty cool, about a scientist with a fatal wound who downloads his consciousness into a computer. Transcendence is out April 18. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VCTen3-B8GU

This next trailer is for The Prototype. It’s a bit of the same concept as Transcendence, but in this one the dying scientist downloads his consciousness into a prototype cybernetic frame and is now being pursued by relentless soldiers. I really like the look of this trailer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1p0_R8ZLB0. Can you tell I like science fiction movies!? The Prototype is out May 23.

One thing I have to say about trailers these days is that they tell you way too much about the movie. Watch the trailer and you pretty much don’t have to see the movie! Luckily for me, I watch most of this stuff when it comes out on DVD (yes, I put movies in my Netflix queue long before they come out), and by the time I see them, I’ve forgotten all about the trailer!

And since we’re talking about Netflix, here’s our cat Wrigley’s favorite show! Bet you know what show it is! photo P1070738_zpsea2298bc.jpg

 photo P1070741_zpsb74258f1.jpgLast day for the NY Times and USA Today bestselling anthology Make Me. Tomorrow it’s gone! Make Me is available on Amazon http://amzn.to/1mPZ5uH, Amazon UK http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00I2UGR4I, B&N http://bit.ly/1eJBpcn, and iBooks http://bit.ly/1hBVnFw.

Invitation to Seduction, Open Invitation Book 1, is free! Find it on Amazon http://amzn.to/1nt0v3Z iBooks http://bit.ly/1iPvRvg BN, Kobo, Smashwords, and ARE!

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One Armed Bandit

This me last December. Taken at the hospital after carpal tunnel surgery. I was awake and the procedure took 9 minutes.


It will be me again for another month. My right hand was done yesterday. Praying and hoping for positive results and no side effects.

This is a short post – nothing too crazy interesting. Sorry. But in prepartion for my surgery “tomorrow” (writing this on March 30), I have a lot to get caught up on. Check back on May 1 for updates and hopefully, a release date for She Wants It. An erotic menage coming soon from Harlequin E, their digital arm.

You can find me at:


The Cabal of Hotness


Ellora’s Cave
All Romance ebooks
Barnes & Noble
Sybarite Seductions




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Have you ever wanted to log into one of those chat sites where people are doing sexy things? Uh- I’ve heard they can be stimulating. And I know there are chat sites that utilize the technology so you can participate…. they can see you. I’m not that brave – but sometimes it backfires. I won’t spoil the story, but in Thunderbird there’s a scene where something like this happens and the ramifications are long-lasting and hard to overcome.


This is Kyle from Thunderbird and below will be an excerpt and below that the blurb and a buy-link. I’m sorry for such an abbreviated post, but I’m between a rock and a hard place this morning. I’ll make it up to you next time. But if you’ll post comments and tell me if you’ve ever been brave enough to film you or your partner doing something risque….. you don’t have to tell what – - unless you want to. I have taken a photo once to send to someone and later denied it was me – so there you go. And I’ll pick a winner for a copy of Thunderbird – randomly of course, not by your level of kink – haha.

“Don’t go back to the party. I don’t want to come back in here and discover you’ve left me. I want us to stay up here for a while longer before we go back down there. I want some more time with you, Newman. So don’t go sneaking off while I’m away.”
“Okay,” Hannah agreed, her heart near to bursting. “Hurry back.”
“Count on it.” He gave her a hot look and a wink.
Hannah waited five minutes, then sat up on the couch. The bad tingle between her thighs had dissipated some and she was finally able to stand. Boldly, she slipped out of her dress. When Kyle came out, it was going to be different. She didn’t know how exactly, but she was determined to show him that she wanted him more than anything. Working up her courage, she wandered around the room in nothing but her underwear, running the index finger of her right hand over the spines of the leather bound books which bordered the entire circumference of the room. She went to the desk that had loomed so large when she’d first seen it. Sitting down in a high back leather chair that was more a throne than a chair, she wiggled around, making herself comfortable. “Good lord.” Hannah leaned back and was surprised when the chair tilted. She swiveled in it twice. “I need to get one of these,” she said to herself. “Who am I kidding? I don’t even have a car. But I bet I could buy one if I sold this chair and desk on eBay.”
This room was nearly as big as her family’s whole apartment and it was only a small alcove in the expanse that was the Chancellor house. Hannah pulled herself closer to the desk. “I wonder what a man like Kyle Chancellor looks up on his computer.” The temptation to investigate and find out more about Kyle was pulling at her. He’d already been gone for what must’ve been ten minutes. Surely she wouldn’t look like she was snooping if he came back and found her bathed in the glow of his laptop. “I guess I could check the news,” Hannah told herself.
Sitting there in this big, fancy room, the light from the fireplace dancing across her naked, electric skin seemed to embolden Hannah. This was so far out of her usual realm that she felt powerful. There was a rocks glass with the remnants of a drink in it beside her and Hannah wondered what scotch tasted like. The laptop sat on his desk, the lid open. She hit the enter key and the computer buzzed out of sleep mode, the Equalizer logo popping up. Hannah thought twice about opening the web browser and absentmindedly reached for the glass on the desk beside her. Tonight had already been a night of firsts for her and the liquid in the tumbler smelled awful when she held it up to her mouth, but she sipped from it anyway. She hissed and put the glass back down. “Gross.” The aftertaste burned her lips and crossed her eyes.
She looked at the screen in front of her and thought back to the websites Diana and Natalie had shown her. The rush of guilt she felt for letting Kyle down during sex filled her again and Hannah now knew what she was going to do to make it up to him. She opened the browser and tried to find the site they’d visited before. But there were so many of them and all the names sounded about the same—Live Adult Video, Live Sex Chat, Live Sex Cam. Hannah was dismayed at each turn when she was thwarted. All the sites she went to required you to sign up and activate your webcam. The first requirement, Hannah wasn’t willing to do and the second, she wasn’t even sure she knew how to do. She pressed a few buttons and clicked a few keys, then she gave up.
A warm impulse urged her to check Kyle’s browser history. She was surprised—no porn sites except the ones she’d accessed. There were a few Google searches on flowers and a lot of football articles from yesterday. The door creaked open and Hannah pushed the computer to one side, facing away from her, hitting random buttons in the process. She drew in on herself, covering her breasts with her hands. She had been sitting there, nearly naked, lost in the daze that Kyle had brought upon her. Anyone could’ve walked into that room and she was relieved when she saw Kyle’s muscular frame come through the door.
He pulled the door closed behind him and locked it. “Sorry I took so long.”
Kyle was still damp from the shower, only a small towel was wrapped around his waist and Hannah felt a surge of desire charge through her. Would she have the courage to do what she wanted to do? Guiltily, she pushed the laptop farther from her, hitting more random buttons in the process while Kyle added wood to the fire.
“What were you doing?” Kyle asked, now standing at her side.
Her face flamed. “Nothing.”
He would know if he checked his browsing history. Hannah looked to the left, the ripple of Kyle’s six-pack was close enough to kiss and the rest of the world melted away.
Kyle pulled the computer closer to him, hit the back button and smiled down at her. Tiny drips of water from his hair fell on Hannah’s stomach and evaporated immediately with the contact of her heated skin. Kyle was close enough to smell and God did he ever smell good. Hannah was in full-on heat with him this close.
“Han-nah!” He teased her when he saw the places she’d been visiting. “Dirty girl.”
She melted back into the big, comfy chair and began to tremble. “I wanted to think of some way to please you.” Her entire body was lit up, every nerve firing in succession. Suddenly she felt the cold hardness of the leather under her and she shifted in the seat. It squeaked and protested with every move and Kyle looked down at her wiggling bottom. His gaze met hers and the only thing she could do to avoid fainting from lust was to avert her stare. She looked to her left and saw the glass of scotch. That wasn’t going to do the trick. All it did was make her think of his sandpaper tongue on her clit, licking the amber concoction from her mound.
Kyle watched her vibrate in the chair for a second, drinking in her suckable, perky tits with his eyes. “Oh, you do please me. Just watching you breathe pleases me.” Her little pink nipples were rock hard and his cock twitched under his towel. “Check this out.”
When Hannah looked back at the computer she saw a woman in a small window, lying on her bed, naked from the waist down, working her clit. The screen was split and Hannah saw herself in the other window, sitting at the big desk, half her body lit up, the other half lost in shadow.
“Dios, Kyle.” Unconsciously, she squeezed her thighs together and brought a hand up to her breast, rubbing a palm over her nipple. A small whimper of excitement passed her lips.
“You’re so damn sexy.” Kyle stared at her nearly naked body, then up at the screen. “Saxon showed me this site the other day on his computer.” His eyes didn’t stay on the screen, they returned to wonder across her body, from her neck all the way down to the red silk underwear covering up her Promised Land.
The girl on the screen bucked her hips and thrust a finger between her folds. “Can she see us?” Hannah asked.
“Usually they can. But no one can see this feed but me and you, it’s not being recorded.” He pointed to the window where Hannah could be seen, her breasts rising and falling with her excitement. “That’s what they would be seeing, but I haven’t activated the webcam on my computer, so nobody can see us.” Kyle placed a hand on her left breast, rubbing a finger softly back and forth over Hannah’s erect nipple. “There are things said and done in this office that I wouldn’t want paraded around. No use giving the other side an unfair advantage.”
“I don’t know how to use a webcam,” Hannah admitted. “Do you like her?” Natalie and Diana had told her that guys love to watch, and their words rang in Hannah’s head. ‘My ex used to put on a porno clip and have sex with me while he watched it. It was kind of hot to be honest. Guys love that added stimulation.’
Kyle looked away from the now bouncy Hannah for the first time. “She’s okay.” He looked back at her and their eyes locked. “But I like you better. A lot better.”
He’d just said the magic words. Kyle’s dick was now at full-mast and the sight of it poking out the side of his towel had Hannah burning up. She stood from the chair and Kyle put his hands on her waist. He pulled her close for a kiss and his cock pressed against her middle. Hannah reached down and unwrapped the towel from around his waist, dropping it on the floor behind him.
She stroked his length with her palm turned up. “Hand me that mask.”
Kyle lifted the mask he’d been wearing off the desk and handed it to her. Hannah slipped it over her face and pushed him back into the chair she’d just been occupying. She checked him out, amazed she was here in this room with Kyle Chancellor. Bending over, she repositioned the laptop so it faced Kyle directly, giving a little wiggle of her rear as she did. Checking the window at the bottom of the screen, she saw that Kyle was almost completely lit up by the raging fire. It was perfect, the window showed his sexy form and she would still be in the frame when she got on her knees in front of him. Stepping between his legs, she took the glass of scotch off the desk and lowered herself slowly to the floor.
Guys love to watch.
Kyle smirked. “Whatchadoin’?”
Hannah slowly poured the liquid over the head of Kyle’s twitching cock. “Playing.”
She kissed the head, and Kyle jerked as she wrapped her tiny fingers as far around his girth as she could and started to work it up and down, rubbing the palm of her hand up and over the tip with each pump.
“Feels so good,” he growled.
She kissed the head of his wet cock again. The excitement of having him between her lips overrode the terrible taste of the scotch. “You just watch,” she said and pointed at the computer screen. Hannah wanted him to have that added stimulation, just in case she wasn’t enough.
Kyle looked to the side and saw the girl in the screen at the top playing with herself. But his interest in her was fleeting. He was far more interested in Hannah’s soft, moist lips sliding over the head of his dick. Was he dreaming? He looked down and saw her slowly taking him in her mouth. Inch by inch, Kyle’s pulsing erection disappeared behind Hannah’s swollen lips. Working him over, she slid her mouth up and down over his shaft as her hand led the way. “Fuck,” he moaned as she picked up her pace. Kyle placed his palm on her head and worked his fingers into her hair.
Wanting it to last, she took his cock out of her mouth and kissed his stomach, smelling for the first time the light spray of some intoxicating scent he’d misted over his abs. Hannah kissed her way down his stomach, then down the shaft of his cock and onto his thigh. There, she saw again that spot on his leg. It was dark enough to stand out against Kyle’s tanned skin. She worked her hand over the head of his cock and as he shifted in his seat, the mark came into clearer view. She’d heard rumors of his birthmark before she’d seen it the other day. The girls in the office gossiped about it, speculating what it was and where it was located. She’d smiled, secretively knowing she was the only one who had seen the Thunderbird firsthand.
Kyle groaned and gripped her hair tighter, snapping Hannah back to the moment. Her knees scraped on the warn hardwood floor, but she ignored the pain. There were other parts of her body demanding more attention. Never had she craved the touch of a man more than now. Her head was swimming from the thrill of being near him. Everything she did to his package felt so effortless, so fluid. Hannah was getting into this. She licked Kyle’s hardness up and down, kissing his balls and stroking him with her hand.
Kyle put voice to his pleasure. “You’re amazing.”
Hannah’s clit popped with his words and she ached to feel him inside of her again. Opening her eyes, she turned to face the computer, needing to see a vision of the two of them, how they looked together. The sight of her pleasing Kyle would be thrilling. But the effect was spoiled by the sight of the woman who was still there, still pleasuring herself. Hannah was sure Kyle was watching the stranger, but when she looked up at him, his eyes were locked on Hannah and what she was doing.
Unwrapping her lips from around his cock, Hannah looked up at him. “Kyle. Watch the computer.” His invading eyes had stolen some of her confidence.
“You’re all I want to watch. And right now I want to watch you on top of me.”
He pulled her up from the floor by the shoulders and spun her around. Hannah was sure he was going to bend her over the desk again and she readied herself. Instead, Kyle nipped her hip and Hannah shimmied her feet apart as he put his hand between her thighs, caressing the damp fabric of her underwear.
“Kyle, yes,” she moaned when his finger brushed over her clit and then retreated back through her legs. Her legs trembled and she fell forward, palms on the desktop. Kyle placed kisses all over her lower back to her hip, as he slipped a finger in the side of her underwear. Hannah jerked when she felt him push a finger up inside her sheathe. He worked it in and out three or four times. Hannah quaked with each invasion.
“So wet, you’re ready for me this time,” Kyle murmured as he pulled Hannah’s underwear down, peppering the back of her left leg with soft kisses as he descended.
Hannah kicked her heels up one at a time to step out of her underwear. “Yes, sir, I am.”
“Good, come here.” He kissed the base of her spine, then pulled her gently down onto his lap.
A drop of pre-cum from the head of his hard-on smeared Hannah’s thigh and as he parted her legs so he could guide himself inside of her, she felt her pussy flower in anticipation. The head of Kyle’s cock spread her wet lips slowly as he eased her down onto him. The burn felt so good, she whimpered. Hannah wiggled down onto him until he had every inch he owned in her.
Kyle tenderly kissed the side of her face, right below where the mask rested on her cheek. “Feel better than before? No pain?”
She could feel him deep inside of her and when Kyle rocked his hips, Hannah gasped. “Feels wonderful.”
“Yea, it does.” He chuckled, kissing the middle of her back as Hannah rocked back and forth on him. Her back nestled perfectly against Kyle’s broad chest. Hannah reached back to cup his cheek. Turning her head, she sought his lips for a kiss. He rewarded her, sucking on her lower lip, making Hannah tingle. “Look at us.”
She turned, ignoring the woman who was now in the throes of an orgasm, watching their image through half-closed eyes as Kyle’s hand moved to cup her breast. He rolled her tight nipple between his fingers and moved over to the other breast, repeating the process until Hannah was sure she was about to explode.
“Kyle,” Hannah purred. “Oh, God. It feels so good.”
His gripped the top of her thigh and moved her faster and faster on top of him. Hannah couldn’t have fought him off even if she’d wanted to. He was so big and powerful, he controlled her body and at this moment, he owned her soul.
“Are you okay?” Kyle asked in her ear before kissing the back of her neck.
He knew his size had caused her some discomfort earlier, and he worried she might be in pain again. The gift of her virginity was a precious thing to him. She had been with no one else, no man had ever possessed her but himself and that thought made him feel possessive and powerful.
“Yes, don’t stop, Kyle,” Hannah breathed. “Please. Don’t stop.”
He released her thigh and his hand found the pulse of her clit. He rubbed the pad of his broad finger over her as she rocked back and forth. Hot, wild shards of pleasure struck her. Hannah was on the verge of flying apart. The more he took, the more she felt, and when bright white lights flashed behind her eyelids, pulsing in time to his powerful thrusts, Hannah screamed his name. “Kyle!” Small inner muscles, fragile and at his mercy clenched rhythmically, and she writhed against him. Shamelessly she moaned, opening her thighs wider, bowing against his body as the coils deep inside of her tightened and tightened.
Kyle knew she was there and he wanted it all for her. “Come for me, Hannah. Shine for me.” He took her breasts in his palms, rubbing the nipples and at the same time, he licked her neck, nipping at the tender flesh. The added stimulation sent her crashing, pulsing, vibrating as her ravished pussy clenched and fluttered around him. It had to be the single most erotic thing he’d ever witnessed in his life. In utter rapture, Kyle’s breath heaved, his whole body quivered and with a force beyond his control, he shot off inside of her, his cock being milked by her pleasure. He cradled her, clung to her, held her back against him, rubbing his hands all over her body. Letting them come down together, sealing himself to her in mind, body and spirit. “Are you all right?”
Hannah lay back against him in the big, comfy chair, fused together by their sweat and desire for each other. She panted, trying to get her breath back. “I’m wonderful.” She sighed. “Do you want me to get up?” Hannah asked once she felt in control of her legs again.
He wrapped his arms around her waist. “Just stay here for a minute.”
Hannah crossed her hands on top of his, loving the way they looked in the screen in front of her.
Kyle kissed her shoulder. “Will you stay?” He kissed her shoulder again.
“The night?”
“The weekend.”

Here’s the blurb
Soulmates. Twin souls. Two people destined to be together. Their journey to love is never an easy one, but when they meet – their hearts beat only for one another.
Kyle Chancellor is a hero, an honest to God hero. After winning a Heisman, he turns down a lucrative career as a professional football player to fight in Afghanistan. Not many know he enlisted because his heart was broken. When his time is up, Kyle comes home to form the Equalizers with the members of former Seal Team 7, they band together to fight battles for those who cannot fight for themselves.
Hannah Montenegro is a woman who has sacrificed her life to help her family, never knowing the joys and freedom a young girl should enjoy. She lives in constant fear of being discovered in a country where she has no citizenship and no hope for the future.
But fate has a plan…the night Kyle comes back to Texas, they meet in a bar where he is drowning his sorrows and she is spreading her wings to learn how to fly. From the moment they touch, the heat between them is undeniable. But unfortunate circumstances separate them and neither dares dream they will see one another again.
Kyle is from a powerful Texas family. Because of his work with the Equalizers, his stance on stem-cell research and internet security, he is the only one surprised to find the people of the Lone Star state want him to run for Governor. Many get behind him, including the McCoys. But the one person he wants at his side eludes him.
Hannah is always on his mind. From the beginning their relationship is complicated, but when she comes back into his life, he grabs onto her with both hands. Politics, a sex tape, immigration issues and a baby complicates their pathway to happiness. But Kyle is the Thunderbird and Hannah is his soul mate in the truest sense of the word. Their journey to love is one you’ll never forget.
A modern day Cinderella story with a twist…

And the buy-link – thank you

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All Things in Time

This year has been a slow start for me. While I’m awaiting edits on a couple of books, I’m working on a series and a menage as well as trying to finish up a couple of projects from last year.
I wanted to focus on my writing, really delve into characters and conflicts to give them more realism, to make the romances more passionate and embrace what I truly enjoy doing. So these romances may be a little edgier or grittier, or angrier, but they will be real.
Quality, not quantity. Of course I would love to put out a book a month, but I’d rather get a few that sell really well then to have several that do okay. (Ideally I want all to do phenomenal, but I’m grateful for what comes.)
So don’t worry. There will be more books from me soon. Just keep watching my page. I’m still around and still trying to take over the world.
Until next time, Indulge Your Inner Desire.

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Discount on “In Too Deep” @anitaphilmar

So excited to share my latest release with everyone here. In Too Deep is the other side of the story of In Deep Water.

The tales starts with both Sadie and Carolyn enjoying a day by the river, hoping simply to cool off. Then life takes each of them on a different journey. Sadie’s story is “In Too Deep” while Carolyn’s is “In Deep Water.”

In Too Deep –
On the banks of the Trinity River,
Sadie Pepperman is looking for a chance to escape the demands of her in-laws.
With her husband’s dead, they want her to marry her brother-in-law so they can
take control of her farm.
Suddenly, the peace of the day is
shattered when her best friend steps too far into the river. Rushing to save
her, Sadie meets a handsome stranger that ignites her dormant lust. She sees
her friend rescued by a steamship and backs away from Logan Jansen, only to
turn her ankle.
The agonizing pain leaves Sadie
with the inability to walk. Needing help, she offers Logan a place to stay if
he’ll help with the chores on her farm. With his agreement, Sadie adds another
problem to her list. Now, not only does she have to worry about how to bring
her crops in from the field and run her farm alone but she also has to fight
her attraction to Logan.
Can Sadie end her in-laws’
interference in her life,
run her farm alone,
and give love another chance?


 “Zack, damn it.”
The loud shout caught Sadie by
surprise. She scanned the shoreline and spotted a man. Drawing to a stop, she
threw on the brake, scouting the river bank.
 Two horses grazed nearby. Their saddles, along
with other gear, lay discarded in a heap in the middle of a small clearing, as
if two people had camped there over night.
A man stood at the edge of the
clearing, turning at her approach. Dressed in only a pair of dark cotton pants,
he rushed forward. His bright, curly blond hair and his broad shoulders
registered briefly with Sadie but with her friend in trouble she didn’t let her
sway her from the problem at hand.
“Are you a friend of the woman who
is drowning?”
Unable to certain what to say to
the stranger, she nodded and worked to clear the lump in her throat. How did
this man know about Carolyn?
“Move over. I’ll drive. If we hurry
I should be able to save her and my friend.” He placed a foot on the side step
of the wagon and crowded onto the bench.
She quickly scooted along the
wooden plank, allowing him room to settle beside her. Long fingers closed over
the reins and he tugged the leather from her grip.
He didn’t wait for an answer.
Lifting the reins, he released the brake.
Right now for my friends at 69 Shades of Smut, I’ve put my book on sale for 99 cents at smashword just use the code  AF89T

Purchase In Too Deep at Smashword - https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/412197

Amazon - http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00IMQLOMC

Thanks everyone for your support,


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